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Baltimore’s Lady Baltimore Statues

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While listening to the BMA monument tour, I discovered that it is none other than Lady Baltimore whose statue sits atop the Battle Monument downtown. That is, she is meant to be an allegorical representation of the city itself. Also did a little sleuthing around the subject and it turns out that there used to be four Lady Baltimore adorning the St. Paul Street bridge over the Jones Falls/expressway. In 1960, the ladies were removed and languished in storage for 16 years. Two of the ladies have found new homes in Cylburn Arboretum. A third sits in a park where Lennox Street meets Mt. Royal Terrace. Interestingly, the last one was sent to Ireland by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Society, a fraternal organization in Baltimore City.

Written by monumentcity

February 22nd, 2009 at 7:18 pm