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Creator’s Game Lacrosse Monument

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113 W University Parkway next to Homewood Field (Street View)

GPS: 39° 20′ 5.20″ N 76° 37′ 17.90″ W


Since 1983, sculptor Jud Hartmann has focused his work on the The Woodland Tribes of the Northeast – The Iroquoian and Algonkians series. These limited edition pieces are on display at Hartmann’s Blue Hill, Maine gallery. He has cast over fifty works in this style, one of which stands outside the Lacrosse Museum at Johns Hopkins University. Dehontshihgwa’es or Creator’s Game consists of two Iroquois Indians playing lacrosse, one stealing a pass intended for the other. The monument was dedicated in 1992.


On the base of the sixteen foot tall structure an inscription reads: “The game of Lacrosse was given by the Creator to the Ho-de-no-saunee (Iroquois) and other Native American people many ages ago. It is from the Iroquois that the modern game most directly descends. May this sculpture forever honor the Iroquois and the origins of Lacrosse.” The monument stands in front of The Lacrosse Museum at Johns Hopkins University directly to the right of Homewood Field.



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March 15th, 2009 at 10:29 am