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William Wallace Monument in Druid Hill Park

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Swann Drive & Mansion House Drive (Street View)

GPS: 39° 19′ 2.48″ N 76° 38′ 28.54″ W


William Wallace is one of several monumental figures dedicated within the bounds of Baltimore City to the cause of freedom, independence and the sovereignty of a people. Born around 1270, Wallace was the second son of a Scottish nobleman, Sir Malcolm Wallace, and was a pivotal military leader during the Wars of Scottish Independence waged against the encroaching English monarchs to the south.

By artist David Watson Stevenson, a member of the Royal Academy of Scotland, this magnificent monument was presented to the City of Baltimore by William Wallace Spence in 1893 and was rededicated one hundred years later by the St. Andrews Society of Baltimore. The base is made of Woodstock granite and the statue is modeled after one atop the Abbey Craig near Stirling in Scotland, where Wallace is said to have watched the battle brewing below.


This monument is inaccessible by car, though you can park along Swann Drive, or you can approach on foot or by bicycle from Druid Lake. Wallace rests on the west end of the lake, sword raised in the air as if charging off to the Turkish Tower at the east end of the reservoir.



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May 8th, 2009 at 1:58 pm