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Wyman Estate Gatehouse in Charles Village

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The Wyman Estate Gatehouse is located at the corner of North Charles Street and Art Museum Drive next to the Baltimore Museum of Art. The gatehouse once marked the entrance to the Wyman Estate, a vast rural tract of land north of the city. Samuel Wyman purchased the elegant property from Charles Carroll of Carrollton’s great-grandson, John Lee Carroll, in 1839.

William Wyman, son of Samuel, hired architect Richard Upjohn to design a mansion on the property around the time of the Civil War. Homewood Villa was razed in 1954 by the university, but the gatehouse remains. The Wyman family owned the land until 1902 when they presented it to Johns Hopkins University. Part of the land was preserved as a city park named in their honor. In 1965 the Johns Hopkins News-Letter moved their headquarters into the gatehouse.

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December 30th, 2009 at 7:00 pm