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The Architects of Baltimore’s Historic Buildings

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This semi-chronological and ongoing list aims to clarify and organize information about some of America’s prominent early architects and the Baltimore buildings that continue to memorialize them.

Benjamin Henry Latrobe (1764-1820)

Maximilian Godefroy (1765-1840)

Robert Mills (1781-1855)

Robert Cary Long, Sr. (1770-1833)

Robert Cary Long, Jr. (1810-1849)

Richard Upjohn (1802-1878)

Thomas U. Walter (1804-1887)

Joseph F. Kemp

John Rudolph Niernsee (1814-1885)

James Crawford Neilson (1816-1900)

William H. Reasin (1816-1867)

William Howard

William F. Small

N. G. Starkwether

Edmund George Lind (1829-1909)

Thomas Dixon (1819-1886)

Jackson C. Gott (1829-1909)

Charles H. Latrobe (1833-1902)

John Murdoch (1833-1907)

Nathaniel Henry Hutton (1834-1907)

E. Francis Baldwin (1837-1916)

Bruce Price (1845-1903)

Josias Pennington (1854-1929)

George A. Frederick (1842-1924)

George Archer (1848-1920)

Edward Hughes Glidden, Jr.

Charles E. Cassell (1842-1916)

Henry F. Brauns (1845-1917)

Daniel H. Burnham (1846-1912)

McKim, Mead & White

Stanford White (1853-1906)

James Bosley Noel Wyatt (1847-1933)

William G. Nolting (d. 1926)

Charles L. Carson (1847-1891)

Joseph Evans Sperry (1854-1930)

Louis L. Long

Joseph C. Hornblower (1848–1908)

John Rush Marshall (1851–1927)

George C. Haskell (1852-1925)

T. Buckler Ghequiere (1854-1910)

Otto G. Simonson (1862-1922)

Theodore Wells Pietsch (1868-1930)

Kenneth MacKenzie Murchison (1872-1938)

Thomas White Lamb (1871-1942)

  • Hippodrome Theatre (1914)

Clyde N. Friz (1867-1942)

John Russell Pope (1874-1937)

Laurence Hall Fowler (1876-1971)

Philip H. Frohman (1887-1972)

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