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The Sculptors of Early America

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In 1803, Benjamin H. Latrobe became the superintendent of construction for the United States. He began his tenure by focusing efforts on the unfinished Capitol building in Washington. His ideas and designs, heavily influenced by Roman architecture, contained elaborate frieze and relief work. Unsatisfied with American artists of the early 19th century, the British-born architect began corresponding with colleagues in Europe in hopes of hiring a more skilled set of sculptors. This opened the door for numerous European artisans to earn generous commissions in the United States. This ongoing list deals with the sculptors of early America and their extant work in Baltimore.

Antonio Capellano

  1. Angel of Truth (First Unitarian Church)
  2. Battle Monument
  3. Christ Breaking Bread and Moses with Tables of Law (Old Saint Paul’s Church)
  4. Bust of George Washington (Peale Museum)

Enrico Causici

  1. Washington Resigning his Commission (Washington Monument)

Augustin Chevalier

  1. Ceres and Neptune (Peale Museum Courtyard)

Giuseppe Ceracchi

  1. Bust of George Washington (Washington Monument Museum)

Giuseppe Franzoni

  1. Spandrel Arch from the Commercial & Farmers Bank (1813)
  2. Saint Mary’s Chapel (interior sculptures)

Giovanni Andrei

  1. Saint Mary’s Chapel (interior sculptures)

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