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The Grave of Johnny Eck

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Baltimore’s Green Mount Cemetery is the final resting place of sideshow performer Johnny Eck. Section R, grave 19 contains the remains of Johnny and his fraternal twin brother Robert. The Ecks (or Eckhardts) were born in East Baltimore in the same house they eventually died in. Traveling often, the brothers always returned to their family home, maintaining the quaint rowhouse even as the neighborhood around it slowly declined. The house was purchased by an Eck enthusiast and is being converted to a museum.

Johnny was a true American icon, born with nothing below his torso, he transformed his inadequacy into a prosperous business. He walked tightropes, performed magic, created models, acted in movies and drove his own modified car. Johnny Eck died in 1991, followed four years later by his brother and lifelong companion, Robert. This modest monument marks their permanent address.

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March 29th, 2010 at 12:44 pm