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Green Mount Cemetery is home to over 68,000 graves. Established in 1838, the 68 rolling country acres located in northern Baltimore City is both intriguing and inviting. The historic park of the dead, built on the former site of merchant Robert Oliver’s estate, is filled with fine sculpture and monumental memorials. Among the towering obelisks and ancient markers are the graves of a few important Americans. There’s the Lincoln Assassin John Wilkes Booth and two of his co-conspirators, Michael O’Laughlen and Samuel Arnold. There’s the sideshow performer Johnny Eck and the poet Sidney Lanier. You can also visit Philanthropist Johns Hopkins or the founder of the American Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Thomas Wildey. It’s a fascinating journey through the past. The links below provide focused GPS information for these and other historic graves at Green Mount.

John Wilkes Booth Junius Brutus Booth Samuel Arnold Michael O’Laughlen
Asia Booth Clarke Johnny Eck Allen Welsh Dulles Betsy Bonaparte
Walter Lord Aubrey Bodine Sidney Lanier Severn Teackle Wallis
Elisha Tyson Moses Sheppard Johns Hopkins Enoch Pratt
Robert Goodloe Harper John Pendleton Kennedy A. S. Abell Robert Oliver
John H. B. Latrobe Benjamin Henry Latrobe II Charles H. Latrobe Ferdinand Latrobe
John Work Garrett Robert Garrett II Mary Elizabeth Garrett Ross Winans
William & Henry Walters William Rinehart Hugh Sisson William Prescott Smith
Robert Poole John E. Hurst Edwin George Baetjer James Swan Frick
William Steuart William Pinkney Whyte Thomas Swann Albert Ritchie
Elijah Jefferson Bond Thomas Wildey Obed Hussey Harriet Lane Johnston
Olivia Cushing Whitridge Patty Ann Atavis Col. William Watson James Hooper, Jr.
Gen. George Hume Steuart Gen. Isaac R. Trimble John A. Eppley Gen. Joseph Johnston

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November 6th, 2010 at 10:43 am