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Three Sisters Ponds in Druid Hill Park

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Three Sisters Ponds is situated in the northwest corner of Druid Hill Park. Originally made up of five separate bodies of water, Three Sisters is a network of man-made basins surrounded by strolling paths, elderly trees and a disc golf course. Originally part of the park’s fish hatchery, the ponds were once fed by the adjacent High Service Reservoir (now a baseball diamond). Three Sisters Ponds have been abandoned since the 1960s. The Rogers-Buchanan Burial Ground perches on a nearby hill just off of Greenspring Avenue.

The front pond is small and oval-shaped, its stone wall reinforced with concrete and wood. Structurally sound, it looks like it may hold water if filled. It appears to be the newest basin in the network.

Sea Lion Pond, a fenced-in former zoo installation that once housed two eared seals, is a few paces north. A stone formation sits at the center of the pool and an enclosed fountainhead behind a gated entrance occupies the southern end of the pond. The Friends of Druid Hill Park have been routinely cleaning the neglected area.

Directly above Sea Lion Pond is the largest of the Three Sisters, yet the most difficult to locate. Covered in copious layers of vines and brush, the hidden marsh is well over an acre in size and was known as Lily Pond. Its eastern portion, once on the other side of Three Sisters Lane, has been completely removed.

Further north is the what seems to be oldest basin in the complex, its walls made of uneven dark green rock. It has the appearance of an early 19th Century reservoir and looks very much like a smaller, older version of Druid Hill Lake. All four ponds empty into a rolling creek that leads to the Jones Falls.

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December 3rd, 2010 at 11:55 am